Don’t Forget the Trees!

When building your house, don’t forget to plan for the trees. The benefits of tree planting are
far reaching as they relate your personality to the neighborhood and add value and character to
your property.

Trees are a powerhouse of environmental control and a low maintenance workhorse for
aesthetics and function. Talk to a Landscape Architect to choose the trees that best suit your
personal situation. Seek protection from scorching summer sun but allow lower winter rays into
you home for passive solar heating. Plant windbreaks or shelter belts to protect against cold
winds, or to collect snow. Use the beauty of trees to highlight your seasons from bright early
spring flowers, through summer fruits, colorful fall leaf displays and interesting winter bark or
branch structures. Trees improve air and water quality and provide habitat for a wide variety of
creatures. Trees are a food source for many birds and animals, including humans, so why not
plant your favorite berry bushes, fruit or nut trees? Plan ahead, the best time to plant a tree is
20 years ago!

On site water quality

Improve the water quality function of your property by treating its stormwater run off before it
reaches the curb or catch basin. Consider installing rain barrels to store water for irrigating
your landscape or garden. Allow your downspouts and other runoff to enter a rain garden
space for percolation and filtration. Protect natural drainage ways from erosion with dry
riverbeds or grassy swales.

Emerald Ash Borer Threat in Erie

It is hard to believe that such a small insect like the Emerald Ash Borer can destroy such a
beautiful large tree species. If your ash trees are declining, contact a local Certified Arborist or
Landscape Architect to be sure they are safe. Give all of your trees a check-up for health and
vitality to prevent unwanted property damage and save money in the long run. Note the
characteristic “D” shaped emergence hole and the size and color of the beetle.

(photo Lauren Heartsill Dowdle)