Heated Driveways, Sidewalks, and Patios

Heated Driveways, Sidewalks, and Patios

The world now knows what snowfall amounts Erie can expect thanks to the record 120”+ reported this past December. Keep your winter access areas clear of snow with heated pavements. Concrete unit pavers, poured concrete and asphalt paving can be installed with a snowmelt heating system. Controls can regulate the system to operate efficiently only when combined conditions indicate freezing temperatures and precipitation. This means the system shuts off when the area has cleared. Electric systems utilize a mat of heating cables embedded in the pavement while hydronic systems circulate heated liquid through flexible tubing. There is no need to shut down your outdoor living spaces for the winter. Make use of your grill, hot tub, or patio year round and reduce your snow removal chores on your walkway and driveway.

Permeable Pavers

Help reduce stormwater run off from your site with permeable pavers. There are many attractive concrete pavers on the market that are engineered with a wider gap which allows rainwater to penetrate the paving surface and infiltrate the system below. Various layers of sized aggregate accept runoff and direct it to be absorbed by the underlying soils, or store it to be slowly released after the storm event has passed. The rainfall is filtered, cooled, and removed from the flood equation before being reintroduced to the surrounding environment. Help protect water quality in our region with the beauty, durability, and function of permeable pavers.

Outdoor Heat

Take the chill off and enjoy the earlier sunsets and clear starry nights of the shoulder seasons by adding your favorite: the sculptural upright look of a patio heater, the rustic permanence of a stone fireplace or the backwoods adventure of a fire pit. Fuel types for fire places and fire pits include wood, natural gas, propane, and electric. Outdoor heaters run on natural gas, propane, electric, and butane, with flame or infrared heat sources. Make family memories and start neighborhood traditions around the warmth, light and ambiance cast by your outdoor heater.

Everything tastes better outdoors.

You know it. Nothing beats dining el fresco, whether it be a romantic dinner centered around a fine wine and filet mignon, or campfire roasted Smith’s hotdogs and marshmallows – it’s an Erie thing. In either case, outfit your patio space with an outdoor kitchen, grill island, or fire pit to suit your lifestyle.