PBA Opportunity

Dear PBA Members: 

I am excited to introduce a new business planning opportunity in which I hope you might participate. Small Business Growth Partners is a cutting-edge small business growth firm referred to us by our colleagues in other state builder associations. Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Virginia have already experienced great success with Growth Partners. We view this as an ideal occasion for you to explore improving your business. Growth Partners specializes in helping builders, remodelers and contractors develop better businesses. They only work with HBA members, and are completely private (meaning, they do not work with the general public, and PBA members will be the only business owners in Pennsylvania to which they offer their services. Period). This exclusive expertise is what attracted me to their services. They are from our industry and respect the professionalism that HBA membership entails. 

To test their service here in Pennsylvania, the first 50 member-companies who express interest can have a Business Diagnostic Plan of Actions (BPA) done at no cost to the participant. Your costs are covered 100% by Growth Partners through this Pilot Program (a $2,200 value). The BPA looks under the hood of your business very closely (and confidentially). Everything from your sales, your processes, your team, and the financial planning aspects of your business get scrubbed. This process requires you to spend about 4-5 hours of your time over the course of a few weeks to provide information and responses to Growth Partners as they conduct their analysis and create and deliver your BPA.

Your BPA/Strategic Plan will be provided to you at the end of this process and will include an hour and a half “de-brief” with two Growth Partners executive coaches. Again, the consultation is totally confidential. Growth Partners will not share your information with anyone else including PBA. Once the team at Growth Partners delivers your BPA, you are under no obligation to purchase services from them. Truth be told, only about 20% of those who go through this BPA process get invited into one of their coaching/mentoring programs. In essence, Growth Partners doesn’t want to waste your time (or theirs) if you won’t be able to effectively leverage their services, or if they aren’t confident that they can provide a serious return on investment for you. 

I’ve also attached a document that answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Pilot Program, including which members would benefit most from participating in the PBA Pilot Program. Some of the topics addressed will include succession planning, increasing your gross and net profits, team and recruitment issues, a higher sales conversion rate, identifying key processes to help streamline your business, etc. 

Finally, please watch for our joint newsletter, which is another benefit that PBA members will receive from the Growth Partners Pilot Program. The newsletter features industry specific blogs and eBooks that Growth Partners creates for the HBAs they work with focusing on issues and solutions for the building industry including sales, marketing, builder/remodeler processes, planning, etc. Again, this item is not offered to the general public, and the Growth Partners team creates these growth articles and eBooks especially for HBA members. 

Thank you for your support of the Pennsylvania Builders Association, and we trust this will be an extremely valuable benefit for all of you.