Tradesmen International

Tradesmen International provides construction contractors and industrial companies with North America’s best, safety-minded skilled craftsmen, simply because we are the industry’s premier skilled workforce recruiters. From our National Recruiting Center and network of more than 140 local offices, industry recruitment experts with multiple years of construction experience identify top craftsmen who are reliable, verifiably skilled and safety-minded. Each is thoroughly vetted and provided with safety training upon hire. And every one is fully guaranteed.

More Than a Skilled Staffing Solution

Yet Tradesmen International services extend far beyond providing high-caliber skilled craftsmen precisely when and where they’re needed. Our field representatives are trained to help you take full control of labor-related costs, to consistently meet six critical business objectives:

  • Maximize Workforce Productivity
  • Reduce Hiring Costs and Challenges
  • Minimize Workers’ Comp Exposure
  • Control Rising Benefits Costs
  • Reduce SUTA/Unemployment Costs
  • Lessen Regulatory Compliance Risk
  • Right Size Your Construction Workforce

Our field representation help clients focus strategically on long-term “workforce right-sizing” – balancing full-time and contingent workers to keep the work-to-worker ratio in perfect balance. At the same time, they provide wide-ranging expertise through our Total Labor Support® services including:

Labor Productivity Consulting: Rightsize your staff, and only request the craftsmen you need, when you them

OSHA Safety Training: We not only provide our employees OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training, we will do the same for you

Labor Relations and Legal Support: Advice and advocacy to help you manage legal, legislative and regulatory change

Essentially, we’re a “Construction Labor Support” company with Total Labor Support® services which, individually or collectively, can maximize productivity per dollar of labor to reduce costs by as much as 48% annually. And yes, we’ve exceeded that.
Tradesmen provides not only the highest-caliber contingent craftsmen you need for optimum productivity, but also the strategic workforce approach you need for maximum profitability.
Contractors across North America are achieving greater profit margins than ever before by taking full control over labor-related costs with Tradesmen’s contingent workforce. See how we can do the same for you – and prove it with hard numbers.

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